Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Were A Place I Had Come To Know

I have listened to this song a hundred times today.
Come By Storm by Laura Gibson.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Karma Police

Tonight, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America. That's been a highlight of a long year. A year that keeps going...

Tonight, Krystin's purse was stolen off of the back of her chair while we were waiting for Obama's acceptance speech. After getting a ride home from Sean, I squeezed through the kitty door in the back of our house and kicked in the door of the laundry room. (No house keys, no car keys.) Busting her open to the kitchen and, eventually, the outside world. We were back in business. After changing the deadbolt, we went back to the Red Flag and picked up our stranded Sube. As we left our house, I silently saluted our fallen iPod that had been in Krystin's purse, and put on my own. Midlake played. First, it was Van Occupanther. It's funny, or maybe not, but Krystin and I were talking about the "stuff" we lost and a line comes up in the song: "Let me not be too consumed with this world..." just as we were getting going. Then came Bandits, which says, "If you ever want to be overrun by bandits. To hand over all of your things and start over new. While we were out hunting for food, our house was being robbed. I caught an apple and she caught a fox. So I caught a rabbit, but she caught an ox. So upon our return we found everything gone, which for us was no loss. We started over...... with a rabbit. And an ox."
Pretty sweet timing, if I say so. Krystin wasn't so amused... but I cannot blame her. But still... what timing, Universe.

The thief must have been a Republican...

And by the way, have you seen my prize winning pumpkin from Halloween?

Unbeatable. (True story!)